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Since 2001, I've been developing websites and web applications for clients big and small.
My specialties includes PHP coding, WordPress development, copy editing/writing, layout design, and graphic design.

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End-to-End Web Development

I provide turn-key web design services.

Starting with your ideas, I can take your concepts and work them into a fully realized website. Working with me is a simple and efficient process. For most projects, I'll be the one helping you write your copy, designing your logo, building your website, and writing your code. In other words, working with me will mean you've added a highly capable web developer to your team.

My primary specialty is building WordPress-powered websites. WordPress powers more than 17% of all sites on the web. It provides an intuitive backend administrative interface that's easy to learn. Once I build your site, you'll be able to make edits and add new content. However, my fifteen year track record as a freelance developer means I'll be there should you need my help in updating your site or extending its features.

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Recent Work

My recent work includes everything from print design
to website development to web application coding and more. Below is a small sampling.


sharing *golden nuggets* every day

Over at mwender.com I share posts on design, web development, and other Internet ephemera.
If you're in to that kind of stuff, it's a great way to keep up with me and the things I'm finding interesting on the web.

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