Links of Interest – Home Technology

As we prepare for adding an addition to our home, new home technologies have caught my eye. In this Links of Interest, I highlight two home technologies which promise to help you save money and a social network designed specifically for your neighborhood.

Nest | The Learning Thermostat – One might wonder how a thermostat can be updated to the 21st century. Check out the Nest thermostat to find your answer. A team of former Apple engineers have created a consumer friendly “smart” thermostat. It learns your patterns of life, adjusting the temperature accordingly, all the while saving you money.

SWITCH Light Bulbs – SWITCH is looking to re-write the book on energy efficient light bulbs. Rather than using fluorescent bulbs, their bulbs use LEDs which emit a natural light, last longer and don’t cause a home environmental hazard if you break them.

Nextdoor | Your Neighborhood Social Network – Nextdoor is a neighborhood social network which may actually help facilitate what has become a rare occurrence in our modern world: real-world interaction with your neighbors. Just yesterday, I signed up to create a Nextdoor site for my neighborhood. I look forward to reporting my findings here on this blog. Until then, check out Nextdoor. Watch their 90 second video to quickly get a sense of how it works.

Links of Interest – 7-21-2011

Most of my writing during the past couple of weeks has been about my new WordPress theme, Pictography. Today, I’m taking a turn writing about other things, highlighting some Links of Interest for you to enjoy:

Bin Laden’s Death: News Spreads Fast via Facebook and Twitter

With the announcement late last night that Osama bin Laden had been killed, today reminds me of one aspect of how I felt immediately after 9/11. Much as it was in the days following 9/11, just about all of us have a shared consciousness of a global news event. All of us at least know the topic that we’ve all thought about sometime during the past twelve or so hours. The news is so big that it’s like we can read a small part of each other’s minds.

I imagine this will be one of those “Where were you?” moments with each of us remembering where we were and how we heard about the news. In addition, much has been made of the role that Facebook and Twitter have had in spreading the news of Bin Laden’s death. Here’s a roundup of some posts I’ve seen so far today:

In the meantime, I’ve been compiling a list of big news events each month this year. The Middle East revolutions, the earthquake in Japan and last week’s storms in the American South are just a few of the stories that have stood out. This story will obviously be added to my list. I look forward to publishing it at the end of this year.

What I’ve been working on lately…

For the past several months, I’ve been working together with Jen McClurg, Suzy Trotta and Scott Adcox on a new business called TechShorties. We provide social media and online networking training for real estate. I’ve got a lot more to say about this project as it involves one very cool WordPress customization, but for the time being let me invite you to watch this video that introduces the TechShorties team and shows our product:

Promote Your Brand Web 2.0 Style: Part One

This marks part one of a three part series I’ll be bringing you in my Friday column, Eye on the Web. During this series you’ll meet a realtor, a publisher and an antiques dealer who are using the web in new and creative ways. Rather than settling for a static website with little online interaction, each of these business owners are reaching out and engaging their customers, creating a “buzz” about their company and products, and finding new ways to grow their businesses. [Read more...]