Two Tips for Increased Email Efficiency

Last week I wrote about the Sparrow Mail App and how it has increased my email efficiency. Just yesterday I learned that the app is going to be mothballed because the company that makes it has beenĀ acquired by Google. However, despite Sparrow’s short-lived status as my “go to” mail app, during my time with it, I gleaned two email efficiency techniques which are applicable to any email client. Both are quite simple, and when averaged out over a week’s worth of emails, they can save you much time. [Read more...]

Sparrow Mail App – “Quick Reply” is my favorite feature

UPDATE (07/24/2012):
Google has bought Sparrow. The Sparrow Mail app will no longer be developed. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Further details from TUAW:

Back in 2007 I switched over to using Google Apps for my email. Since that time I’ve used its online interface almost exclusively. The advantage of using the same interface to check my email anywhere far outweighed any negatives that came from not using a desktop mail app. What’s more, as the Gmail interface has matured, I’ve come to prefer it over any desktop clients I’ve used in the past. So, when I first heard about the Sparrow for Mac, I wasn’t too interested, but after picking the app up on sale this past weekend, it has become my goto email client because of one simple feature: Quick Reply [Read more...]

How I Use the WordPress P2 Theme for Project Management

A while back, I wrote about my favorite personal productivity hacks. There I mentioned I’d recently started a “Development Blog” that I use to manage projects and communicate with my clients. In this post, I’m sharing more details about how it works. [Read more...]

The 30 Minute Project Carousel

A while back I wrote about my favorite productivity hacks, one of them being “The 30 Minute Project Carousel”. This post is the promised and long overdue second part to that series where I give further details about this particular hack. [Read more...]

My Favorite Productivity Hacks

If you’ve ever delved into increasing your own personal productivity, at times it can seem like the people who are talking about it would be more productive if they simply shut up and got to work. On the other hand, if you’re open to the idea of hacking your own personal productivity, reading about other’s techniques can introduce you to new and more efficient ways of working.

Count me in the former group with a skepticism that sometimes places me in the latter. However, in recent months, I’ve developed two strategies that have greatly increased my productivity at work: [Read more...]

HowTo: The Power Nap and The Power Run

If you maintain any sort of regular hours on the job (i.e. 9 to 5, etc), at some point or another I’m guessing you’ve experienced the “workday doldrums.” This is when either through boredom, fatigue or “office fever” (aka cabin fever) you hit a productivity wall. In this post, I’m going to propose two solutions which will leave you feeling refreshed, revived and ready to tackle the rest of the day. [Read more...]

HowTo: Develop Your Photoblog Workflow

In part one of this series, I showed how easy it is to create your own free photoblog using and Flickr. Now that you know how to create your own photoblog, I’m going to share my tips for maintaining an efficient photoblogging workflow. [Read more...]

5 Low Tech Tips for Boosting Your Productivity

This past November, I noticed that I had fallen into a rut. I had several big projects to work on, yet I would often only work on one project each day. I was getting behind, and I wasn’t even making good progress on my one daily project. Typically, I was getting bored and taking too many breaks. I might hit a good work grove only to find that it was time to clock out and end the work day. Something had to change, otherwise each day in the office was going to be an uphill climb against an avalanche of deadlines.

Fortunately, after wasting my time trying a couple of scheduling and productivity tools, I discovered a very simple solution: a hand-written daily schedule. This simple process has given me a 70% productivity boost during the past two and a half months*. Now, I’ll share how this low tech method works and how to implement it in your day. [Read more...]