Links of Interest: 99% Invisible Podcast

99% Invisible - A Tiny Radio Show About Design with Roman Mars

If you’re into design and architecture (even if you’re not and you just enjoy good story telling) and you’re not subscribed to the 99% Invisible podcast, you should be. If you are, why haven’t you told me about it?!

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Having just listened to a handfull of episodes so far I’m already hooked. In a way that I would have never expected, the show’s host, Roman Mars, uses the medium of audio to vividly convey design-centered topics. So far I’ve been transported to Belgium to sample what is perhaps the world’s rarest and best tasting beer, I’ve learned about the short story which provided the genesis for the Geico caveman commercials, and I’ve considered how one might redesign our US currency and why that might not be a good idea. As Mars says, each episode is better than the last no matter which order you listen to them in. ;)

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My iPad – A Transparent Device

One of the things I appreciate most about my iPad is how transparent its user experience can be. When it’s combined with a well designed app, the app itself transforms the iPad from a tablet computer into whatever utility the app provides.

A perfect example of this is the app I’m using to write this post. Writer by iA is designed to do one thing and one thing only, help you focus on your writing. The beauty of Writer is best captured by the following screencast: [Read more...]