LOI – WordPress E-Commerce Edition

I’ve recently mentioned that I now prefer to build e-commerce sites using WordPress for the entire setup. In today’s edition of Links of Interest, I’m highlighting a couple of WordPress plugins I’ve used and one I plan on using soon:

  • Shopp – This was the first truly full-featured WordPress plugin I’ve used. You can set it in action here. While it has good capabilities, I wasn’t impressed with how much work it took to get the layout exactly like I wanted it. If you don’t want to mess with the layout too much, I’d say it’s a good solution. Otherwise, check this next link:
  • PHPurchase – Despite a somewhat misleading name for a WordPress e-commerce plugin, I love how this plugin is more concerned with the backend while leaving the frontend display to me. See an example of how I setup a site with PHPurchase at the SeaHope Partners website.
  • Cart66 – Just this week, I learned that PHPurchase has been rebranded as Cart66. WordPress theme developer Jason Schuller has released a great looking “Etsy-style” theme which works with Cart66.

UPDATE: 12/16/2011

  • WooCommerce – In recent months, WooThemes has released their WooCommerce plugin. The plugin is free, and they even offer some free WooCommerce integrated themes as well. In addition, if you can code, you can integrate the plugin into your own theme.


  1. Hi again,

    thanks for these. Not English-speaking, it’s always a more or less challenge to translate plugins and software. Do you have any opinion about these – how easy it is to translate them, do they have a .po file that can be translated etc.?

    • I just checked the plugin code, and I see that Shopp is translatable.

      I didn’t see any .pot files for PHPurchase. So, you’d want to check with the devs on its re-branded release, Cart66. Might want to try asking them on Twitter: @Cart66

  2. Wau, you are so kind to answer these, thanks a lot! :) I’ll take a deeper look at these later, thanks.

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