I was working on this website when the first plane hit the North Tower on 9/11. On September 17, I made my first client visit. During that fall, while we were all adjusting to the new realities brought about by the events of that day, I was making my first forays into freelance web development.

In the twelve plus years since, this job has become my focus from nine to five, Monday through Friday. I help my clients put their best foot forward on the web. Although no day is the same, in aggregate you can see a familiar pattern. I wear many hats from graphic designer to web developer to IT support and more. I’m continually amazed that I get to do this for a living.

No matter how mundane the task, there’s “never a dull moment” for me. This is because what I do is always bigger than the immediate task at hand. My job is about helping my clients take advantage of all the web has to offer their businesses and personal endeavors. I strive for excellence in all that I do whether it’s designing a website or optimizing backend code.

This world is a big place, and the Internet’s role in it only continues to grow. Much as everyone has always needed a good and honest mechanic, the same can be said of web developers in our ever-expanding digital economy.

On this site, I will be sharing my insights on web development along my other writings on various topics. My goal here isn’t so much to promote my business or myself, but simply to provide an outlet for my writing. It would be my delight that you might find something here that would inform, inspire, or entertain you. Thank you for dropping by.